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ZHIYUN G200 Review

Unlocking Pro-Level Lighting: The ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 Review – A Game-Changer in COB LED Technology for Amateur and Professional Photographers.

ZHIYUN G200 review

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Our Verdict

The ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 joins the X100 in the company’s excellent light of lighting products as a higher-powered solution. Delivering a powerful 200W output with a shorter-term boost of up to 300W, this compact COB LED light offers brightness, adjustable colour temperature and a power App that unlocks huge potential. The G200 is extremely user-friendly, thanks to the ZY Vega smartphone app, and its robust build makes it reliable for both amateur photographers and pros. However, the need for an AC power source can be a limiting factor in some environments unless you have a portable power station to hand. Despite this and its premium price tag, the G200 stands out as an exceptional piece of kit that brings professional-level lighting within reach.


  • Powerful LED Output
  • App-Enabled Control
  • Bowens Mount Versatility


  • Requires AC Power
  • Premium Price Tag
  • Limited Battery Option
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What is ZHIYUN MOLUS G200?

The ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 is a powerful COB LED light in a compact form and an ideal lighting solution for both enthusiasts and pros. Building upon the success of the X100, the G200 raises the stakes with a remarkable 200W power output and a peak boost capability of 300W. One of its USPs is the ZY Vega smartphone app, which can be used from your phone as a touchscreen lighting console, enabling you to adjust brightness, and colour temperature, and unlock specialised lighting effects.

Another major feature is the universal Bowens mount, making it compatible with a wide array of accessories, both from ZHIYUN and other manufacturers. Unlike the X series light, the X100, the G200 comes with a separate power module that can be easily strapped to a lighting stand, this adapter is a similar size to the light itself and unlike the X100 it cannot be run through from a battery, propriatory of V-mount. Therefore an AC power source as mentioned is needed, though a portable power station like the Bluetti AC60 is a great option.


  • Output Power: 320W
  • Cooling Method: Active Cooling
  • Colour Temperature Range: 2700K–6500K
  • Illuminance (1 meter, 6500K/100% Brightness): 9460 lux
  • TLCI Index: ≥97
  • CRI Index: ≥95
  • Dimming Range: 0–100%
  • Net Weight: 2.209Kg
  • Extension: Universal Bowens Mount

Build and Handling

The ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 feels solid the moment you get it in your hands. It’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into its build quality, and it meets the quality expected of professionals. The external materials and build all feel durable, giving confidence that the G200 has been built to last, even in more demanding shooting environments.

Navigating the controls on the power module is straightforward and easy enough for anyone with no prior experience to quickly understand, one dial adjusts brightness while the other colour temperature. The on switch on top and dials on the back are well-placed, offering good access for making adjustments when needed, the fact that the controls are separate from the back of the light also works well in practice, enabling the box to be positioned in a way that makes it easily accessible rather than needing to reach behind the lighting unit to adjust. Operating the unit via the ZY Vega app is equally smooth and offers an even more intuitive approach to adjusting the lighting power.

The Bowens mount, as seen on the X100, is again a handy inclusion, enabling compatibility with a broad range of accessories. The separate power module, which can be attached to a lighting stand, is a good design choice and actually can make balancing the lighting stand one light modifiers are attached a little simpler, by shifting some of the weight down the stand and helping to lower the centre of gravity.


The ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 might be small but it offers a powerful lighting solution. As standard it has a maximum 200W output, however, it also has the capability for a short-term boost of up to 300W. This impressive brightness range is complemented by a broad colour temperature span of 2700K to 6500K, accommodating an array of shooting scenarios. As colour accuracy is always a serious consideration, the G200 has an impressively high TLCI Index of ≥97 and CRI Index of ≥95.

The ZY Vega smartphone app is a standout feature of the G200 and ZHIYUN lights as a hole and operates via Bluetooth. This app doesn’t just allow for quick adjustments of brightness and colour temperature. With a dimming range of 0-100%, you can fine-tune your lighting environment easily and all through the app remotely.

As with the X100, the front of the G200 features a universal Bowens mount enabling you to attach a multitude of accessories and light modifiers. This ensures that the G200 can fit into almost any existing setup seamlessly. The separate power module, may at first seem like an odd choice but actually, in use, it comes into its own again enhancing usability, after the initial setup. The module can easily be hooked onto a lighting stand, which enables easier access to controls and helps to balance the weight of the light and any attached modifiers.


The ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 might require a bit more time to set up compared to the other ZHIYUN lights due to the need for an AC power input rather than being able to be powered by an internal, small external or battery grip. However, considering the boost in power output to choose this light over the X100 obviously means you need that extra power, and the small additional set-up time ultimately pays off and is more in line with other lamps of this brightness value, although there is no V-Mount power option which is otherwise quite common.

Another break from conventional design and the rest of the ZHIYUN lighting range is the fact that the lamp comes in two parts, the lamp and the power module, both of which connect to each other by means of a cable. The need to mount this power module onto the lighting stand, as example, might initially seem like a hassle. Still, it has the added advantage of making the controls more accessible. You can easily tweak settings without awkwardly reaching behind the lamp unit, a real bonus during extended shooting sessions.

When it comes to versatility, the universal Bowens mount is a great choice rather than developing their propriety mount. This essentially means that you can use ZHIYUN’s range of light modifiers but also opens the door to any other third-party accessories that fit the Bowens mount. This flexibility makes the G200 highly adaptable, as with the X100 before it.

The control box on the power module is quite straightforward. It features simple, user-friendly dials that let you adjust brightness and colour temperature easily.

But where the G200 really stands out is when it’s connected to the ZY Vega smartphone app. The app enables remote adjustments to individual lights, such as the G200 on the test, but also supports a mesh system that lets you connect and control multiple G200 units or other compatible ZHIYUN lamps. Whether you need to adjust one light or orchestrate a complex lighting setup, the app enables you to do this with relative ease. You can control each unit individually or as a group, providing a level of control and convenience that you would usually associate with a lighting control desk.

Final thoughts

The ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 is a little different from most other lighting solutions on the market; it’s an incredibly flexibility option for both amateur and professional photographers and videographers. While the initial setup may take a bit more time, especially if you’re used to battery-operated lights or the more straightforward X100, it’s a minor inconvenience for the level of control and power you get. The lack of a V-Mount power option is a slight drawback, but it doesn’t detract too much from the performance and versatility.

Its two-part design, consisting of a lamp and a separate power module, adds an extra layer of usability that surprisingly sets it apart from other lights. Although it does mean that there’s no real option to handhold this lighting solution unlike the X100 and other ZHIYUN Lamps, but then this is a step up to something a lot more serious. Supporting that professional use is the Bowens mount, which adds incredible versatility, allowing you to use a broad range of light modifiers.

The ZY Vega app significantly boosts the G200’s usability, especially if you work with complex lighting setups. The ability to control multiple lights, all ZHIYUN and compatible with the ZY App, through the app takes convenience to a whole new level, really it’s what you’d expect from a dedicated lighting control desk.

The G200 is a great solution for robust and flexible lighting. It makes setting up complex lighting arrangements easier, offers excellent colour accuracy, and its user-friendly interface ensures that you can make the most of its features with minimal fuss. The G200 offers an incredible amount for the money but is more expensive than many other 200W lamps of this type, however, the quality and versatility that the App offers, open up this lamp to a multitude of uses, making it a worth while investment.