Reviews |Tether Tools TetherPro USB-C Right Angle to USB-C Tether Cable 4.6m/15ft

Tether Tools TetherPro USB-C Right Angle to USB-C Tether Cable 4.6m/15ft Review

Tether Tools TetherPro USB-C Right Angle to USB-C Tether Cable 4.6m/15ft

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The Tether Tools TetherPro cable is one up from other tethering cables that I have used, with a big difference in the transfer speeds.

At 4.6m the cable gives plenty of freedom for moving around the studio floor and the tough exterior and reinforced connectors ensure a tight and secure fit.

Ultimately if you’re looking for a cable to tether your camera to your computer, then I really cannot recommend the TetherPro cables enough, they’re excellent.


  • Distance tethering
  • Bright coloured cable
  • USB Type-C


  • Expensive

What is TetherPro USB-C cable?

Pop into any photographic studio, and you’ll inevitably see photographers tethering their cameras to a computer. It’s common practice, enabling images to be previewed and reviewed on a big screen rather than just on the camera’s back.

With most cameras, tethering is pretty simple, select the tethering option from the camera’s menu, load up the relevant software onto the computer, plug in the required cable, and off you go. Simple really.

Tether Tools TetherPro USB-C Right Angle to USB-C Tether Cable 4.6m/15ft

But while the basics are, well basic, it’s after all, just a cable; there is little more technology than we give credit for.

First of all, to tether your camera at such a distance from the computer you need a cable that’s up to some unusual data transfer demands. Secondly, it needs to be tough and protected as unlike most static cables, this one will be dragged around the studio floor.

Tether Tools TetherPro USB-C Right Angle to USB-C Tether Cable 4.6m/15ft

The problem is that standard USB cables don’t come in the lengths required, and then once you hit a certain length, the data transfer can become slow and unreliable.

Enter the TetherPro USB-C Right Angle to USB-C Tether cable. A high capacity data cable that has been specifically designed for photographic tethering.


  • Connector: USB-C to USB-C
  • Transfer protocol: USB 3.1 Gen 1 5Gbits/s
  • Power Delivery: Yes 60W
  • Length: 15 feet (4.6 m)
  • Colour: High Visibility Orange
  • Additional: Right angle connector for streamlined camera connection


It’s surprising the difference one cable can make to data transfer speeds, especially as the cable length extends, not all cables are made equal.

That’s instantly apparent as the TetherPro cable is plugged in, everything about it from the bright colouring, length, to the thick diameter and reinforced connectors are bigger and more industrial than your standard USB cable.

Although primarily designed for data transfer the TetherPro cable will also sustain 60W of power delivery if you need.

At 4.6m that’s quite an extension and will suit most small to medium-sized studios.

Tether Tools TetherPro USB-C Right Angle to USB-C Tether Cable 4.6m/15ft

I’ve used a Sony A7 III connected to a MacBook Pro running TetherTools own Smart Shooter software in this test.

Plugging in and loading up, and the camera is recognised quickly. Also, the delay between the camera and the LiveView preview is minimal if at all.

Taking a few frames and the speed is close to instant, proving a fast connection has been made between the two devises.

I switched between Sony’s Image Edge Desktop, which I’ve been using for several years, to Smart Shooter. There are a few distinct differences, the main one being speed.

After a few shoots getting used to the Smart Shooter software and testing the cable, I’m impressed. I’m used to a slight lag before the images arrive at the screen, but the process is quick and fluid.

But how fast is that connection? To test I disconnected the camera and replaced it with the excellent GNARBOX 2.0. If you haven’t been introduced to one of these incredible boxes, then check out the full review here.

Checking the transfer speeds and the read speed came in at 312MB/s and write of 282MB/s. These speeds are as fast as most SD cards, so to have this transfer speed through a cable of this length is superb.

Compared to a cheap USB Type-C cable measuring 2m, not quite the 4.6m, enables transfer speeds of 38mb/s read and 26MB/s to write, which is a huge difference.

The transfer speeds are just part of the story in a busy studio or location shoot. The cable’s weight and quality are also essential. If you think about it the cable will be dragged around the studio floor as you shoot. This means that the cable exterior and connectors need to be tough and well insulated and protected.

The TetherPro cable doesn’t let you down on any front; the right angel connecter is tough and easy to secure into the camera. Likewise, the computer end is similarly reinforced.

I usually use a Tether cable in the studio, the excellent AREA51 that I looked at last year, here the TetherPro is a step-up on that build quality.

Measuring the difference in speed between the two cables and the AREA51 cable comes in 249MB/s, and 248MB/s write so quite a close contest.

When it comes to the cable itself, it’s double the thickness of a standard cable. Over several weeks of use, this has stood up to being dragged along studio and workshop floors and being trodden on, slept on by several dogs and generally abused as cables tend to be.

After an extensive cable test, I can say that there’s nothing to fault about the cable’s speed and reliability.


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