Reviews |SmallRig VB155 Mini V Mount Battery Review

SmallRig VB155 Mini V Mount Battery Review

SmallRig VB155 V-Mount Battery Review: Powerhouse Performer Offering Versatility, Longevity, and Style for Pro Video Shoots

SmallRig VB155 Mini V Mount Battery

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Our Verdict

The SmallRig VB155 V-Mount Battery delivers a style and powerful solution to the issue of limited battery life during video shoots with cameras such as the Canon EOS R5 C. Building on the solid foundation set by its smaller counterpart, the VB50 and VB99, it offers an impressive 155Wh capacity, along with versatile output options like USB Type-C and D-Tap. The result is extended shooting time, reduced stress over battery life, and ultimately more creative freedom. The addition of an LCD screen for quick battery status checks is a great touch.


  • Extended Shoot Time
  • Versatile Power Options
  • Real-Time Monitoring


  • Quite Heavy Build
  • Cable Clip Absent
  • Premium Price Tag

What is SmallRig VB155 V-Mount Battery?

The SmallRig VB155 V-Mount Battery is the largest capacity in the SmallRig V-Mount battery lineup, sitting proudly alongside its smaller siblings, the VB50 and VB99. What is surprising for the usually purely functional V-Mount format is that SmallRig has applied some design style to the look, it’s a nice change and something that other photographers and videographers have cottoned onto whilst I’ve been on shoots.

Alongside the looks, it also boasts versatile charging options through USB Type-C, traditional D-Tap, and V-Lock chargers. There’s also an LCD screen that provides real-time data on battery life, making it one of the most user-friendly batteries I’ve come across.

Along with the standard V-Lock and D-Tap options for powering devices such as cameras and lights, it also offers USB Type-A and Type-C ports plus additional 8V and 12V outputs.

SmallRig VB155 Mini V Mount Battery


  • Capacity: 155Wh
  • Charge Input: USB Type-C, D-Tap, V-Lock
  • Output Options: V-Lock, D-Tap, USB Type-A, USB Type-C, 8V, 12V
  • Display: LCD Screen
  • Weight : 780g
  • Dimensions: 107x73x17mm

Build and Handling

The SmallRig VB155 V-Mount Battery isn’t like other V-Mount batteries, which have been designed with utilitarian and functional design rather than any form of style. The SmallRig manages to strike a balance with stylish design and a robust build that will complement any professional setup. The build quality is excellent, made to endure the rigours of both studio and fieldwork and as you’d hope it conforms to industry standards, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and charging systems.

When it comes to layout and controls, the VB155 features a power button strategically positioned on the side for easy access and quick battery status checks via the LCD screen. Aesthetically, the all-black design with minimal branding and textured grip all adds to the ease of use especially when mounting and removing the battery.

The USB Type-C charging option is something that we’ve seen before on the VB99 and helps to minimise the volume of cables and chargers you need to carry.

SmallRig VB155 Mini V Mount Battery


At its core, it has an impressive 155Wh capacity, enabling extended shooting sessions. One of the unique selling points (USPs) is its sleek all-black design, which not only looks great but also has a practical textured side for improved grip.

But where this battery truly stands apart is in its multiple connection options. In addition to the industry-standard V-Mount and D-Tap connectors, you also get USB Type-A and Type-C ports. These provide a level of versatility seldom seen in V-Mount batteries, accommodating a wide range of devices.

To top it off, the battery also includes 8V and 12V outputs, enabling it to power a variety of peripherals. This makes it an incredibly versatile option.

SmallRig VB155 Mini V Mount Battery


In terms of performance, there is no doubt that the SmallRig VB155 V-Mount Battery supplies the power, particularly when paired with power-hungry devices like the Canon EOS R5 C or the Rotolight ANOVA II. Shooting in Log3 4K at 60fps, the VB155 keeps the camera operational for an entire day without issue, and this makes a huge difference to the production when you don’t need to stop every 20 minutes or so to change the battery. This capacity translates to not just more shooting time but also to less stress about battery swaps during those crucial moments, allowing for greater creative freedom.

When used with the Rotolight Anova 2, the SmallRig VB155 again shows just how large a capacity it has. Lighting setups, especially advanced ones like the Anova Pro II, can be notoriously draining on batteries. The VB155, however, powers the Anova Pro 2 keeping a single light powered for around 2 hours. With its 155Wh capacity, you’re looking at prolonged usage that drastically reduces the need for battery swaps during a full day of shooting. This makes it incredibly valuable if you rely on consistent and powerful lighting.

One minor setback is the absence of a dedicated clip to secure the USB Type-C cable. It’s an easily solvable issue, as a simple zip-tie can provide a makeshift solution, but it would have been a nice accessory. On the flip side, the LCD screen proves itself quite useful here. One tap on the power button, and you’re instantly updated on the battery’s remaining charge, which is a godsend in the field.

SmallRig VB155 Mini V Mount Battery

Another point to consider is the battery’s weight. It’s not exactly a featherweight, so if you’re planning to use it with a handheld rig, the smaller VB50 might be more suitable. Overall, the performance is robust, with the USB Type-C charging and additional outputs providing real-world benefits that elevate it above many competitors.

Final thoughts

The SmallRig VB155 V-Mount Battery is an excellent investment if you need long-lasting, reliable power for your lighting or camera. The huge 155Wh capacity means fewer battery changes which in turn enables you to focus more on what you doing rather than worrying about battery power.

Used with the Canon EOS R5 C or the Rotolight Anova Pro 2 the battery capacity is ideal. Its multiple output options—including the increasingly prevalent USB Type-C—make it one of the most versatile batteries on the market. The user-friendly LCD screen is a notable feature that helps keep track of remaining battery life, adding another layer of convenience.

Yes, it’s a bit hefty, and a clip for the USB Type-C would have been a nice addition, but these are minor gripes for an otherwise great bit of kit. If you need additional power for your camera and it can run on PD power, or you need something to power your lighting then this is a great solution.

SmallRig VB155 Mini V Mount Battery