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Polarpro Summit Landscape Filter Kit Review

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Polarpro Summit Landscape Filter Kit

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Our Verdict

The PolarPro Summit kit offers a fantastic set of filters which are strong and robust. I think that the inclusion of an aluminium frame around the filter is a game changer and I loved the tool-free mounting system.
The unique design and ruggedness make it a strong option for landscape photographers, but comes with a high price tag and lacks other options compared to some of the competition.


  • Well designed
  • Comprehensive set
  • High quality glass


  • Expensive
  • Holder needs to be removed to remove CPL
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The kit includes a filter holder, 77mm + 82mm adapter rings, ND 64 filter, ND 8 Grad, CPL filter, rubber hood and a padded carry case.

Polarpro Summit Landscape Filter Kit

The filter holder, or ‘Core’ as Polarpro have named it, is an interesting design made solely from aluminium.

There is a locking knob positioned on the top and two more for the filters on the left. The CPL filter slots into the rear of the holder and can be controlled by rotating the dial on the left or right side of the holder.

The ND filters offer a unique design which I have not seen before – an aluminium frame. This makes it easier to use them when out on location as you don’t need to worry so much about getting fingerprints on them.

If you do get fingerprints on them however, fear not, the 16 layers of coatings help prevent the filters from getting stained and from my testing saltwater and fingerprints wiped off very easily.


  • Holder Construction: Aluminium tool less
  • Filter : Circular Polariser
  • ND Filter: ND8 | ND64 | ND1000 | ND100k
  • Soft Gradient: ND4-GR | ND8-GR
  • Kit includes: Core Hood, Soft Storage Case, 77mm Thread Plate, 82mm Thread Plate, ND64 Filter, ND8-GR Filter, CP Filter

Build and handling

Without a doubt, these are the most rugged filters I’ve used. The use of aluminium keeps weight down while retaining a great amount of robustness.

Polarpro Summit Landscape Filter Kit

I certainly approve of not needing any tools to adjust the locking strength for the filters, this is all done with the two knobs on the left.

The padded case is well built, with enough space to include the holder and all the filters attached, plus the rubber hood.


Image quality is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a set of filters.

Polarpro Summit Landscape Filter Kit
CPL + ND grad

There would be no point getting them for their unique design if they degraded the quality of your images.

Thankfully, this is not the case here. I was blown away by how clear my images came out.

There was certainly no loss in sharpness and not a hint of colour cast. Polarpro claim these are vignette free from 17mm, however, I had no issues using my 15mm.

For the vast majority of my shoots, I was using the full setup – CPL, ND64 + ND8 Grad, as this is the closest to what I would use with my current filter system. I can happily report that these can produce some stunning results!


As a whole, the Summit kit is a neat system and very well designed. There was one very minor thing I found, which was when I wanted to remove the CPL, the holder would need to be removed too.

Polarpro Summit Landscape Filter Kit
CPL + ND64 + ND grad

My current system allows for a much easier and quicker way of removing a CPL.

Most of the time the CPL would remain in the holder though, so as I said, this was a very minor inconvenience.

The range of filters is very limited at the moment, so for those looking to expand by adding a reverse grad for example will have to wait until they’re released.

But overall, I have been left mightily impressed and for many, what this kit offers will be all they need.

If you take into consideration the strong build and fantastic optical quality, the high price tag does start to make sense.