RED Hydrogen One ‘holographic’ phone moves closer to release

RED Hydrogen One ‘holographic’ phone moves closer to release

RED, the company known for its premium cinema cameras, is moving a step closer to making its first smartphone, the Hydrogen One, which boasts a holographic display, available for purchase.

The RED Hydrogen One was announced as a development project just under a year ago, priced at $1,200, but RED pushed the release date back to August 2018 because it said it needed more time to receive carrier certification. RED has now announced that the Hydrogen ONE will be available via Verizon and AT&T, the two biggest mobile carriers in the United States.

RED’s Hydrogen One boasts a modular design, with its key selling point being a Leica-made, 5.7-inch lightfield holographic display, using RED’s 4-View video format that creates 3D effects that you can see without wearing glasses.

The Hydrogen One is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip, and also boasts 3D audio processing for spatial sound.

Not a whole lot else is known about the Hydrogen One, but Digital Trends recently visited RED’s headquarters and was able to get hands on with the new device.

Via DPReview, The Verge