Reviews |Panasonic GX800 / GX850 sample images gallery

Panasonic GX800 / GX850 sample images gallery Review

Panasonic GX800 / GX850 sample images gallery

I’ve been shooting with the Panasonic GX800 – also known as the Panasonic GX850 in the US – for a couple weeks now as part of our ongoing test, and so far I have been very impressed at how easy this camera is to use.

This is a hallmark of Panasonic’s Lumix line which I’ve really come to appreciate and is why I’ve owned a few Lumixes in my time, beginning with the lovely GF1.

Its touchscreen is responsive and all your controls are at your disposal right here, meaning you can make quick adjustments, drag your AF point to where it needs to be, dial in a little exposure compensation and more.

But as easy as it is to use, I’ve also been impressed by its image quality. The GX800 / GX850 has coped well with most situations I’ve pit it against.

Below is a gallery of Panasonic GX800 / GX850 sample images that I’ve taken so far in my tests. None of these sample photos has been edited in Photoshop, save for raw files which have been saved as JPEGs for the purpose of uploading and displaying here. I’ve identified raw files where they appear.

Panasonic GX800 / GX850 samples

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