Panasonic has released a new firmware update adding its Focus Stacking functionality to the Panasonic GX80, the company has announced.

The free firmware update (v1.1) enables the Lumix GX80 to take multiple images of the same scene with different areas in focus.

Afterwards, the Focus Stacking feature then combines all or selected focus areas into one image.

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Among the other improvements the Panasonic firmware update adds to the GX80 is a Sequence function to the Focus Bracket menu, which allows users to set the bracket images to be shot farther and closer from the initial focus position, or farther away.

Also, the firmware updates allows the Panasonic camera’s Flash Mode to be set to forced-off when using a built-in flash.

Click here to download the Panasonic GX80 firmware update from Panasonic’s website.


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