News |Olympus PEN-F officially discontinueds

Olympus PEN-F officially discontinued

Olympus PEN-F

The Olympus PEN-F has been officially discontinued, the company has confirmed on its Japanese website.

Early last year speculation mounted that a PEN-F Mark II would be announced in 2018 when the Micro Four Thirds Wikipedia page was edited to show a PEN-F II and an OM-D E-M5 Mark III on the list to be announced last year.

No announcement came, of course, which has left many people wondering.

While rumours have lingered of a PEN-F Mark II for some time, no announcement has ever come. And after such a long time since its launch and no subsequent replacement announced, the PEN-F discontinuation seems like it could be the end of this camera line.

Olympus last updated the firmware for the PEN-F in February 2018 when it added a new Bleach Bypass Art Filter and new shading effects to the Colour Profile Control.

Via 4/3 Rumors

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