News |Nikon launches NIKKOR Z 24-50MM F/4-6.3 lens

Nikon launches NIKKOR Z 24-50MM F/4-6.3 lens

Nikon launches NIKKOR Z 24-50MM F/4-6.3 lens

Nikon has announced the NIKKOR Z 24-50MM F/4-6.3, which it’s billing as the shortest and lightest full-frame mirrorless zoom lens on the market.

The NIKKOR Z 24-50MM F/4-6.3 features a retractable design, which you can extend or retract by rotating the zoom ring. As such, it makes the new NIKKOR Z 24-50MM F/4-6.3 portable and lightweight.

The NIKKOR Z 24-50MM F/4-6.3 lens construction comprises ED glass and aspherical lens elements to help minimise distortion. It’s minimum focus range is just 0.35m.

There’s also a customisable control ring on the lens barrel which you can set to control aperture settings, exposure compensation or ISO adjustments.

The new NIKKOR Z 24-50MM F/4-6.3 allows for 52mm filters and Nikon says it promises quiet focusing for videography.

The NIKKOR Z 24-50MM F/4-6.3 price tag wasn’t available at the time of writing.


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