News |NCTech announces new 360-degree Street View camera with Google

NCTech announces new 360-degree Street View camera with Google

NCTech announces new 360-degree Street View camera with Google

NCTech, one of Google’s new official Street View technology partners, has announced a new 360-degree camera that can be mounted onto any vehicle to capture street-level VR images.

The new NCTech VR camera offers a 360 x 300 degree field of view and captures data at 5 frames per second to produce 60-megapixel spherical images. It can be mounted to any moving vehicle, the company says.

The new 360 camera also uses NCTech’s cloud-based Intelligent Capture System, which the company says talks to each camera to ensure the data they collect is unique, as well as manage disk space.

NCTech’s new camera is certified by Google for its Auto ready Street View collaboration, in which members of the public can submit their own VR images to the search Giant for inclusion in its popular virtual mapping platform.

NCTech also announced a second Street View-compatible product, the VRC (Virtual Reality Camera). A lower cost version aimed at consumers, the NCTech VRC will provide 3D virtualization of interior places, capturing 360-degree images with full immersive virtual reality.

As we reported yesterday, Auto ready is part of four tranches of Google’s new partnership with camera manufacturers like NCTech. The program also includes Mobile ready, VR ready and Workflow ready. NCTech’s cameras have been certified for inclusion in the Mobile, Auto and VR ready programs.

Its new 360 camera is designed to collect data from any moving vehicle for Google’s Street View platform and other platforms. The new camera will be available in Q4 2017.

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