News |Meike Unveils New Speedbooster Lens Mount Adapters for EF Series Lensess

Meike Unveils New Speedbooster Lens Mount Adapters for EF Series Lenses

Meike Releases Innovative Speedbooster Adapters: Transforming EF Lenses for Sony E, Nikon Z, and Canon RF Cameras

Meike Speedbooster

Meike has announced the launch of its latest Speedbooster Lens Mount Adapters: EFTR-0.71X, EFTE-0.71X, and EFTZ-0.71X. These adapters are designed to bridge the gap between EF series lenses and various camera mounts, including Sony E, Nikon Z, and Canon RF mounts, offering enhanced versatility to photographers and filmmakers.

The EF-to-E, EF-to-Z, and EF-to-RF 0.71x focal reduction lens mount adapters are engineered to expand the compatibility of EF series lenses. Each adapter is tailored to a specific camera mount, allowing users to attach EF lenses to Sony E S35 movie cameras or APS-C cameras, Nikon Z mount APS-C cameras, and Canon RF S35 movie cameras or APS-C cameras respectively. By reducing the focal length by 0.71 times, these adapters significantly improve luminous flux and increase the aperture by one stop.

These adapters are more than just physical connectors; they support a range of essential lens functions. This includes automatic focusing and aperture adjustments, along with anti-shake capabilities, ensuring that photographers and filmmakers can utilize their EF lenses without losing key functionalities.

For Sony E mount users, the EFTE-0.71X adapter brings EF lenses into a new realm of compatibility, while the EFTZ-0.71X adapter does the same for Nikon Z mount users. Similarly, Canon RF mount users can now enhance their lens arsenal with EF lenses using the EFTR-0.71X adapter.

These Meike Speedbooster Lens Mount Adapters open up new possibilities for creative shooting, allowing photographers and filmmakers to leverage the quality and characteristics of EF lenses across different camera systems.

For more information check out the Meike website

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