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Live streaming with the GoPro Hero6 Black

Live streaming with the GoPro Hero6 Black

Live streaming is becoming big business, with everyone utilising real-time live broadcasts to promote, review and inform the watching public.

For years this power was only available to the large TV Networks, but now anyone equipped with one of the latest smartphone has the ability to instantly hook-up and broadcast to the world. But what about the GoPro Hero6 Black…

YouTube and Facebook along with many other platforms offer a live service, and to be honest any fool can get up and running in seconds, as long as there’s a network signal.

This hunger for live, unedited and uncensored footage is rapidly growing, and whilst every smartphone is capable of live streaming, with the appropriate app, relatively few products other than smartphones offer this function.

A couple of years ago EE (A UK Mobile Network) realised that live broadcast could be the next big thing and launched the 4GEE Action Camera.

This was a bit of a dud, and it was not due to the concept, as it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time and was something that many people in the tech sector had been after.

Rather, it was ill-conceived, a proprietary app which offered limitations over broadcast, while most of the country was still on 3G or just crossing to 4G so live broadcast from many places was impossible. But worst of all the camera was bulky, and frankly produced terrible video quality.

They did follow it up with the small 4GEE Capture Cam, which was far better and again a great concept, but it was still held back by the app. Had they used it with YouTube or FaceBook then things might have been a bit different.

Roll on a year or two and we hope to shortly see the GoPro Hero6 Black (a GoPro Hero6 Black release date is rumoured for 28 September). The next generation of action camera that we hope will once again push forward the boundaries of what’s possible with these small cameras.

There are many features that I’d like to see, but foremost for myself and the team here at Camera Jabber would be the ability to live broadcast direct from the new camera. By direct, I mean linked in with the app on my smartphone.

This would ensure that I don’t flatten my phone within the first half hour of being at an event and the quality of the footage captured by the GoPro would hopefully be superior.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been looking at the Yi 4K+, another outstanding action camera with video quality that really does excel. What has made it one of the best action cameras at the moment is its ability to stream live.

Hopefully with the growth and importance of live streaming this is another feature that we’ll see in the GoPro Hero 6 Black.


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