News |Lexar memory cards discontinued… for now

Lexar memory cards discontinued… for now

New Lexar MicroSD card

Lexar, one of the biggest brands in memory cards, storage drives and card readers in the age of digital photography is being closed down by its parent company.

Micron Technology announced on its website that it will be discontinuing the Lexar brand; however, the company also said it is exploring opportunities to sell all or part of the Lexar business, which suggests the memory manufacturer could potentially get a new lease on life.

Micron says it will continue to provide support to existing Lexar customers during the transition period.

The post on Micron’s blog page was written by Group Vice President Jay Hawkins, who said the move was driven by Micron’s ambition to focus on increasing opportunities in “higher value markets and channels.”

As Digital Trends points out, Micron’s latest reported revenues show 58% growth year on year – and 17% growth in Q2 2017 over the first quarter. However, this was mainly down to NAND and DRAM memory sales.

Meanwhile, PetaPixel reports that industry retail sources say that companies like Amazon and Google have been buying so much flash memory from Micron that Lexar’s consumer-facing business has been rendered insignificant.

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