Reviews |JooVuu X an action camera with discretion – Review

JooVuu X an action camera with discretion – Review

JooVuu X

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There’s no doubt that the JooVuu X is something different when it comes to action cameras. The simple black design void of logos doesn’t stand out, and this make it both different and one of the most discreet designs presently available.

Build quality is excellent with the slight rubberised textured body making the camera easy to handle.

Action cameras are know for being small but the JooVuu X is really small measuring 2cm x 7.6cm x 4.3cm W x D x H this compares with a GoPro at 5.9cm x 2.1cm x 4.1cm and weighs in at 65g compared with 87g.

JooVuu X threadOn the base of the camera is a standard ¼ thread, this means that it can be quickly attached to any number of third party mounts and accessories. There’s also a good selection of ¼ thread to GoPro mount adapters out there so there are plenty of mounting options.

I found the using a mount from the Drift Stealth 2 was an excellent fit and enabled solid attachment with no wobble.

The simple exterior features just three inset buttons, Power, Mode and record. Markings for the three buttons are minimal with just a small icon depicting what they do so it can take a while to fully figure out how the camera operates.

The JooVuu X doesn’t feature any type of screen on the body of the camera itself, so full operation and the status of the camera has to be gauged through the flashing of the two small LEDS mounted on top of the camera.

Flashing green means it’s on and solid red means that you have started recording. Really very little that’s difficult to understand.

From any action camera you’d expect a lot more control and the JooVuu X provides all adjustment and features through a WiFi connection to the app that is available for both iOS and Android.

JooVuu X LEDsConnection is simple, hold down the Mode button for four seconds and then one of the LEDs starts to blink Blue to show that the WiFi connection is active. Them locate the sigal in your WiFi list on you mobile devise, enter the password and you’re connected.

Once into the app there’s a huge selection of options to choose from that enable you to adjust everything from the video shooting quality, resolution and frame rate to the exposure and shooting mode.

As with the buttons on the camera the different sections of the app or highlighted with icons rather than text so it can take a while to fully grasp which icon leads to which section, but after a while this is something that you get used to.

The volume of adjustment is excellent and there are a host of features that show that despite the simple design this small camera is feature packed.
One of the most useful features is the rotate video option. This enables the camera to be mounted horizontal of vertically depending on whether you’re attaching the device to your handlebars or to the side of your helmet.

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