Reviews |JooVuu X the dashboard cam that grew to be an action camera – Review

JooVuu X the dashboard cam that grew to be an action camera – Review

JooVuu X

The JooVuu X was originally designed as a dashboard camera, but it small size and sleek design meant that it was being eyed up by many as a perfect action camera solution.

Before it could take the leap however it needed a few modifications. Ultimately it needed to break the tethered link from the cars battery, so that it could run under its own power source. That leap has now been made and the JooVuu X has now arrived as one of the sleekest action cameras yet.

The slender size and no fuss design are quite unlike the majority of action cameras, especially some of those that have just hit the market such as the Olympus TG-Tracker which is hard to miss with it’s vivid green option. When it comes to the JooVuu X it’s all about discretion.

Measure up side-by-side the slim design of the JooVuu X is almost half that of GoPro Hero style cameras and this makes it an ideal choice for helmet mounting enabling you to keep a nice low profile.

The outer body is also unmarked with no logos, or colourful designs, it is simply a very small, lightweight sleek box with a lens attached.

The understated design hides what is a well spec’d camera. Inside it features an OVI sensor and powerful Ambarella A7LA75 processor. This combination enables a maximum resolution of 2560x1080P 30 frames per second (fps) which is just above 2K at a 16:9 ratio.

It does of course feature a few more standard video resolutions such as 1080p at 60fps and 30fps. Alongside video recording you can also shoot stills at 13 million pixels.

Although the JooVuu X isn’t waterproof it has been tested in temperatures ranging from -15 to +60c.

On the base of the camera is a standard ¼-inch tripod thread enabling it to be attached to a standard tripod mount or adapter to fit standard GoPro action camera mounts.

As the JooVuu was initially designed as a dashboard cam it features a variety of handy features that enable it to capture a certain amount of data as well as visuals. This data capture is taken through the G-Sensor which is basically there to lock and highlight the footage in the event of a crash. This data can then be highlighted using the JooVuu desktop app which is available for Windows.

Initial impressions of the camera are good, and the no fuss design certainly appeals as a camera that design doesn’t shout out that you’re filming and will appeal directly to those commuting to work by bike. When it comes to action the lack of waterproofing could be an issue during the winter months, but no doubt there will be a waterproof housing or cover available shortly.

In the next part of the review I’ll take a look at the cameras build and handling..


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