News |Irix Unveils Limited White Cine Lenses Editions

Irix Unveils Limited White Cine Lenses Edition

Irix offers unique aesthetic and functionality in new white cine lenses


Irix has introduced a limited edition of its Cine lenses, featuring a unique and stylish white colour. This special edition is designed for filmmakers who value not only the functionality but also the aesthetics of their equipment.

The Irix Cine lenses are known for their technical excellence, and this new edition retains all the high-quality features while adding an element of visual appeal. The lenses come with an extended 5-year warranty package and a certificate of authenticity, highlighting their exclusive nature.

The “Irix look” is a hallmark of these lenses, characterized by round-shaped blades and a shallow depth of field. This design ensures that subjects are artfully separated from the background, with a distinctive bokeh that makes them stand out. Soft highlights and a subtle mist effect blend light streaks, ensuring that each frame is visually striking.

For filmmakers interested in acquiring these limited edition lenses, Irix has provided a link to their store and a list of selected distributors. The combination of high performance, unique aesthetics, and exclusive benefits makes the Irix limited white Cine lenses an appealing option for filmmakers looking to make a statement with their equipment.

For more information and to purchase the limited white Cine lenses, visit Irix’s official website.

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