News |An introduction to the X-Rite colour calibration range with Ashley Karyl

An introduction to the X-Rite colour calibration range with Ashley Karyl


Colour calibration is one of those areas of photography that we all know we should pay more attention to but always overlook. In this video Ashley Karyl an X-Rite Coloratti takes a look at the X-Rite colour calibration tools and what they have to offer.

The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport is an easy to use pocket sized product that will help you to quickly set custom white balance or take shots that can be used to calibrate the images you’ve taken once back in the digital darkroom.

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The ColorMunki Display is the entry level monitor calibrator designed for anyone need a quick and uncomplicated way to ensure that their monitor is displaying the correct colour.

The i1 Display features advanced monitor calibration features which makes it an ideal choice for professional and high end enthusiasts. The i1 Display not only integrates with X-Rites own software but is supported by other industry leading software packages.

The ColorMunki Photo is the ultimate calibration tool for both your monitor and printer. It features an easy to use design and software interface that will help ensure that both your monitor and printer work in perfect harmony.


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