News |GoPro Mods release date announced

GoPro Mods release date announced

Dates set for the imminent release of the GoPro Mods

GoPro Light Mod

There’s no doubt that the latest GoPro Hero8 Black is by far the greatest GoPro to date. But while the camera itself is a leap forward in design the main camera features really aren’t that different from the Hero7 Black.

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However, the big feature of the new action camera was the modular design through the mods accessories. These included the Light Mod, Display Mod and Media Mod.

This three innovations really set the camera GoPro Hero8 apart from other action cameras and indeed previous GoPro models.

However, the launch of the GoPro Hero8 Black has been and gone and we’re now into January 2020 and in the UK at least they’re still doesn’t seem to be any sign or confirmed dates.

There has been a gleam of light as the Light Mod finally goes on sale in the US, Dec 23rd, just in time for Christmas. Here in the UK, we’re still waiting to hear when it will arrive but GoPro has given us the following update information.

One issue here is that the Light Mod attaches to the Media Mod, so while you can buy the Light Mod now you can’t do anything with it unless you glue it to the side of your GoPro.

Media Mod will be available to Pre-order any day, January 2020, and will ship at the end of the month. The Display Mod will go on sale in March. These dates are for the US so expect a delay for the rest of the world.

GoPro Light Mod

This compact waterproof and rechargeable LED light has been designed to fit into the new GoPro Media Mod. The powerful illumination will help enhance your video footage enhancing sharpness and colour.

As well as being directly mountable on to the Media Mod, once available, you can also use it directly with many of GoPro’s other mounts as a standalone product.

The Light Mod is extremely versatile and offers four levels of brightness and GoPro have also included a light diffuser so help reduce the harsh effect that LED lighting can often have.

Light Mod (£49.99) is available in the US now and will be arriving in the rest of the world soon.

GoPro Media Mod

The GoPro Media Mod is at the heart of the new system. This GoPro accessory is designed to wrap around the GoPro Hero8 Black and adds a built-in directional mic, and integrated 3.5mm mic port for an external mic, HDMI-out port and two cold shoe fittings.

The Media Mod will be available for Pre-orders in the US from the beginning of January and across the rest of the world shortly after and will be priced at £79.99.

GoPro Display Mod

The last part of the puzzle is the GoPro Display Mod. this 1.9-inch screen enables a forward-facing display.

This design coupled with the directional mic and HyperSmooth makes it the ideal companion for Vloggers, giving them everything they need to make and post in a compact package.

The Display Mod will begin shipping in March with a price of £79.99.

GoPro Mods release date
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GoPro Mods release date
It's still not clear but with the US release of the light mod, exact details on the dates for the other mods looks likely to be soon.
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