News |GoPro Awards offering up to $5m for stills, video

GoPro Awards offering up to $5m for stills, video


GoPro has kicked off its latest GoPro Awards season, offering users of its action cameras the chance to win a share of $5 million for their best photos, raw video and video edits.

Awards from the prize fund will include $500 for still images, $1,000 for raw video clips and $5,000 for video edits. Other awards include coupons for up to 50% off GoPro gear.

Winners will be chosen from a wide range of categories. Broader categories include Adventure, Motorsports, Music, Sports, Animals, Family, Travel and Science & How-To.

Within these broader categories are more specific challenges, such as Hello Winter and Unique Wave Riding within the Action genre. Click here to see all of the categories and challenges open for submissions.

GoPro says it is looking for anything from cute moments with your kids to cooking, camping, surfing and snowball fights, and it doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur, professional or somewhere in between.

For more information, read the contest’s FAQs.


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