News |Fuji Black Friday Deals: best offers on top cameras

Fuji Black Friday Deals: best offers on top cameras

Fuji Black Friday Deals 2016: best offers on top cameras

If a new Fuji CSC is in your near future, you may want to hold off. The biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, is nearly here. We’ve put together a summary of Fuji’s top CSCs along with a list of retailers and an accurate forecast of what type of Fuji deals you can expect this Black Friday.

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Technically, Black Friday refers to the day after Thanksgiving when retailers slash prices to inaugurate the holiday shopping season, but with recent years we’ve seen sales lasting as long as weeks before and after this date.

Whether you live in the US or the UK, Black Friday is definitely your best opportunity to grab that new Fuji at a fantastic price.

With the multitude of Black Friday deals it does take a little prep work to find the best bargain on your favorite Fuji camera. Not only do you have to know which model you want, you also have to know where to look for it and how to recognize a good deal when you see one.

Fuji’s Finest Cameras

Fuji’s Finest Cameras

Whether you’re looking for a high-end digital camera or something more suitable for a keen enthusiast, Fuji’s X-series line of mirrorless digital cameras offers superb image quality and forward-looking technology at reasonable prices.

This series put Fuji on the map once more as an innovative manufacturer of top-tier, professional-level cameras.

The more popular models on the lower end of the X-series price range include the X-E2S, X-A2 and the X-T10. At just $500, the X-A2 offers photographers an affordable entry into the X-series line without sparing image quality.

The X-E2S is a step up from the X-A2 and a bit more appropriate for enthusiast photographers. For just $150 more you get an improved hybrid 77-point AF system, a higher max shooting rate and higher extended ISO.

Opt for the X-T10, however, and you’ll get many of the same components you see in Fuji’s higher-end X-T1. The X-T10 has received rave reviews from critics for features such as its updated AF system, customizable display icons and film simulation mode.

The X-E2S came out just this year, but if 2016’s Black Friday deals on the X-E2 are any indication of what we can expect this year, you should be looking at savings in the range of $100 for both body-only and kit options.

The X-A2 was marked down $50 last year and included a 16-50mm lens, but with another year under its belt you might see bigger savings during the coming holiday season. The best deals were found with the X-T10, which is not surprising considering its popularity.

Two kit options and a $100 instant savings on the body were offered by B&H Photo during their Black Friday sales, so look for similar – if not better – deals this November.

The X-Pro 2, X-T2, X-T1 and the X-Pro 1 are some of Fuji’s more popular higher end models. With features such as SLR type handling, weather resistance, speedy AF, DSLR image quality and exceptional detail, these cameras are a bargain at just $1049 to $1699.

The X-T2 sits alongside the X-Pro 2 as one of Fuji’s flagship professional mirrorless cameras. It improved upon the X-T1 with better resolution, 4K video, a customisable AF system with nearly 7 times the points, a boosted electronic viewfinder and more adjustable LCD screen.

The X-T2 hit the market last year with rave reviews, so we expect Fuji to promote it this Black Friday with bundled deals and savings in the area of a couple hundred dollars. Now that the X-T1 is outdated, Fuji will likely discount it heavily during this year’s sales.

The X-Pro 1 was introduced in 2012 as Fuji’s first pro-level camera. It was also the company’s first mirrorless camera and introduced the interchangeable X-mount lens system. The X-Pro 1 sat at the top of the pack for 4 years until its upgrade, the X-Pro 2, was debuted in January of last year.

With new features such as weather sealing, a faster AF system and a better viewfinder, the X-Pro 2 proved to be a worthy upgrade to the already well-liked X-Pro 1. Fuji is known for their keen attention to customer suggestions and it definitely shows in the X-Pro 2.

Having been on the market for just nine months, the X-Pro 2 is still selling at its launch price of around $1500. When it comes to newer models like this, Fuji tends to bundle them with lenses for its Black Friday sales instead of simply reducing the price.

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Fuji Retailers

Luckily, the majority of retailers offer the same Fuji deals online as they do in-store during Black Friday so you won’t have to face wild crowds and long lines.

In the U.S., Amazon, Adorama, B&H Photo and Best Buy tend to offer the widest selection and best prices. UK shoppers have a few more options with Amazon UK, John Lewis  Wex and Currys PC World.

Nearly all of these retailers will release their Black Friday advertisements at least a week or two before the actual sale date, giving you ample time to determine where you’re going to find the best deal.

If you do choose to shop online, remember that you’re competing with thousands of other shoppers for a limited amount of stock so you should hit the web early, just as if you were shopping in-store.

Also, check out Fuji’s website for Black Friday announcements. Sometimes the manufacturer offers deals that are just as good as major retailers.


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