News |Elevate Your Photography Adventures with WANDRD’s X1 Crossbody Bag Collections

Elevate Your Photography Adventures with WANDRD’s X1 Crossbody Bag Collection

Elevate your photography game with WANDRD's X1 Crossbody Bags - a stylish and functional companion for every photographer.

WANDRD X1 Crossbody Bags

The right gear isn’t just about cameras and lenses; it’s also about how you carry them. That’s where WANDRD’s X1 Crossbody Bags come into play, blending style with practicality. If you’re tired of lugging around bulky bags, these crossbody bags are an ideal lightweight alternative.

One of the standout features of the WANDRD bags is their style crossed with functionality. The X1 Crossbody Bags is no different on this front with a design that has been tailored to be the ultimate fusion of fashion and functionality. They offer a dedicated place for everything you need.

But what truly sets these bags apart is their resilience. WANDRD has equipped these bags with water-resistant fabric, making sure your gear stays dry and ready to perform, even in unpredictable weather conditions, which is exactly what we need here in the UK.

Highlights of the WANDRD X1 Crossbody bag

The X1 Crossbody Bags boast a main zippered opening with weather-resistant YKK zippers, ensuring your photography kit stays safe from the elements. Additionally, the pleated front utility pocket with a magnetic closure provides quick and easy access to your essentials. There’s also a rear stuff pocket with a magnetic closure for those items you need to grab on the fly.

ensuring that there is absolute comfort when carrying the bag there’s an adjustable carry strap with a magnetic buckle, making it easy to sling the bag over your shoulder and head out for your next shoot. An oversized grab handle offers an alternative carrying option.

The 10mm Daisy Chain Connections are perfect for attaching extra gear or accessories. The accordion mesh pocket divider helps you keep your equipment organized, while internal organization sleeves ensure your gear stays in place. You’ll also find a hidden AirTag pocket for extra security and a cord passthrough for easy cable management (available in medium and large sizes).

Available in Three Sizes:

  • Small: Compact and lightweight, it measures 7.25″ H X 4.5″ W X 1.5″ D (18.42cm X 11.43cm X 3.81cm), offering 1L of volume, and weighing just 0.74 lbs.
  • Medium: With dimensions of 8″ H X 5″ W X 2″ D (20.32cm X 12.7cm X 5.08cm), a volume of 1.3L, and a weight of 0.82 lbs, it’s the perfect balance of size and functionality.
  • Large: For those who need extra space, the large size measures 8″ H X 6.5″ W X 2″ D (20.32cm X 16.51cm X 5.08cm), offering 1.6L of volume and weighing 1.04 lbs.

So, whether you’re embarking on a photography expedition or a casual urban shoot, the WANDRD X1 Crossbody Bag collection is here to make your life easier, keeping your gear organized, protected, and accessible, so you never miss that perfect shot.

You can discover more about the WANDRD X1 Crossbody bag at their website

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