News |DxO One comes to Android, adds Facebook Lives

DxO One comes to Android, adds Facebook Live

DxO One comes to Android, adds Facebook Live

DxO has announced it has developed an Android version of its DxO One camera for smartphones and tables, as well as launched version 3.0 of its iOS app.

Equipped with a type-C USB connector, the DxO One Android version will be compatible with recent Android smartphones and tablets and will be rolled out in an ‘Early Access’ program.

Anyone can apply to take part in the DxO One Android beta program, and participants will get the opportunity to share their feedback with DxO.

DxO One App Version 3.0

Version 3.0 of the DxO One iOS app is free and adds multi-camera support for Facebook Live. Using the One’s Multi-Camera mode, users will be able to harness both iPhone cameras along with the One to experiment with different angles and styles during your live stream.

What this means is you’ll be able to switch from one camera to another during your live filming. What’s more, you can record sound from the DxO One’s or the iPhone’s built-in microphone and switch the sound source during playback.

All of this can be achieved via a mini-control panel that allows users to preview all three views to compose shots, adjust lighting or prepare the subject before shooting and streaming live from different angles.

Version 3.0 of the DxO One app also adds a Time-Lapse mode that uses an intervalometer to take sequential images at a user-defined rate. You can also create 4K videos in post-processing.

DxO says the mode’s interface will also warn you if your time-lapse settings are incompatible, while an Auto Ramping technology helps avoid flicker effects and more consistent exposures throughout your sequences.


DxO has also launched a new Battery Pack that extends the One’s battery life into which you can feed AA batteries, and each batter will extend the One’s life by an hour.

It includes a Cradle, two rechargeable batteries and a USB adapter. The Cradle attaches to the bottom of the DxO ONE once the back door has been removed so you can connect either one of the two batteries or the USB adapter.

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