DJI set to launch a smaller, lighter Ronin-S replacement

Is DJI about to launch a smaller, lighter Ronin-S replacement

DJI is teasing a new gimbal it plans to announce this week with the tag line ‘Lighter and smarter than ever,’ which appears to be a replacement to the Ronin-S.

DJI published the teaser page on its website, which coincided with a short video on Twitter that speeds through a series of drawings and blueprint designs for the gimbal.

The company has used clever lighting, but the images we can see appear to show a lighter, more compact version of the DJI Ronin-S. The teaser also appears to be suggesting it will integrate smarter technology.

The DJI Ronin-S is only 18 months old, so it will be interesting to see what DJI has developed.

DJI has scheduled a press conference for July 17 at 9am Eastern time, at which it will make its new product announcement.

Via PetaPixel