News |DJI set to announce new product today!

DJI set to announce new product today!

Will it be a new drone, camera or gimbal? Find out at 2pm BST

DJI Product

DJI has teased that a new product will be announced at 2 pm today. As yet, there are few other details that we can give you, other than there’s a large red REC button on the side.

The only other clue we’ve been given is:

“The history of film is a long road, covered with dreams made real.
It is filled, too, with the footsteps of visionaries. As they move forward,
images expand the contours of this road into a map of imagination.”

Interested? Then check out the link to the DJI Launch event here.

Rumours online have been gathering, and of course, there have been several leaks about what the new product could be; in the run is, of course, a new Drone, gimbal or even camera. We’ll find out later today.


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