New Chairpod accessory is a tripod with a seat

New Chairpod device is a tripod with a seat

If you thought the selfie stick was obnoxious, tripod manufacturer Velbon has apparently developed the Chairpod, which is a tripod with a seat.

DC.Watch reports that the Chairpod is soon to be announced and is basically a three-legged folding chair – except one of the legs can be extended as a sort-of centre column on which you can mount your camera.

The Chairpod column extends up to 4.2 feet (128cm) and can be folded up for portability. It can also apparently support 176 pounds (80kg).

DC.Watch says the Chairpod will be announced by Velbon in late January 2018 – so, presumably any day now – and is expected to cost around $180.

Via PetaPixel