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Panasonic camera rumours 2019

Panasonic is planning to shake-up the mirrorless market even more by introducing two full-frame cameras in 2019.

Panasonic G Series

With the introduction of the GH5S, Panasonic won secured itself even more devotees. It’s a high-end video-centric camera with better low-light capability than the GH5 and no inbuilt stabilisation. It’s more niche but has proved popular with some professional film-makers. Meanwhile, the GH5 continues to be the go-to camera for many videographers and film lovers.

The Panasonic Lumix G9 sits alongside the GH5 and GH5S as Panasonic’s flagship stills camera. It’s still relatively new as it was only announced in November 2017,  the GH5S was announced in January 2018 and the GH5 has only relatively recently had its full software released. So the top-end of the Panasonic G-series is all fresh and new. So what will Panasonic unveil at Photokina? 

Well, we could see a replacement for the G80/G85, logically likely to be called the Lumix G90 or G95 depending upon where you live. But I have a feeling that Panasonic may be looking to make more of a lasting impression. The company is acutely aware of the progress that Sony is making and that Nikon is about to enter the market. It’s not about to take that lying down!

Panasonic Full-frame cameras

At Photokina in September Panasonic made a development announcement about two full-frame mirrorless cameras. What a great way to mark 10 years of mirrorless cameras!

As yet we don’t know many details but Panasonic has shared the basic specification of the Lumix S1 and S1R. Like Nikon, Panasonic has decided to give its two cameras the same body and build. They’re set to be weatherproof and there will be two cards slots in each, one for SD media and the other of XQD.

The cameras are also set to clock-up a couple of world firsts. They will be the first full-frame mirrorless cameras to have a dual stabilisation and they’ll be the first to enable 4K recording at 60p. In addition, they have a triaxial-tilt LCD and a class-leading electronic viewfinder.

Only Sony has a full-frame mirrorless camera that directly targets videographers. And the Sony A7S II’s strongest competitor is the Panasonic GH5. If Panasonic can translate its success with the GH series to a full-frame camera, it could blow Sony out of the water. Although there is the small matter of cost…

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