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These are the best deals you will find on the Canon EOS M50, a superb little camera for aspiring vloggers

Canon EOS M50 Review
Buyers Guide

The Canon EOS M50 has been one of the most popular and highly rated vlogging cameras on the market, thanks to its blend of superb image quality and impressive video features.

The EOS M50 makes a good choice of camera for Canon DSLR users who want a smaller alternative to their existing SLR. The EF-EOS M mount adaptor means that Canon EF-mount lenses can be used – and it works well. Meanwhile, the Guided interface also makes the M50 a good model for novices.

Provided you don’t have your heart set on shooting 4K video, the EOS M50 is a great little camera for vloggers and anyone who wants a small camera with a viewfinder paired with a large (APS-C format) sensor.

It might not be the Canon’s flagship mirrorless camera, but the technology inside it is some of the most advanced that Canon has put in a mirrorless model in recent years.

Why buy the Canon EOS M50?

  • Excellent image quality
  • Superb implementation of touch-control
  • High-quality viewfinder built-in

The Canon EOS M50 is a 24Mp APS-C format mirrorless camera that sits between the Canon M100 and M6 in the manufacturer’s line-up. However, unlike both of these cameras (and like the flagship M5), it has an electronic viewfinder built-in.

The quality of the images from the Canon EOS M-series has never really been an issue, from the outset the cameras have produced images on a par with those from the company’s DSLRs.

Where the first few models failed, however, was with their autofocusing system. The original EOS M was laughably slow. Thankfully, each successive model has improved on this faltering start and the M50’s AF system is very good. 

The Face Detection system is particularly good and this combined with the flip-out screen makes the M50 an excellent camera for vlogging provided you don’t want to use the 4K video. While the quality of the results in 4K video mode can’t be called into question, the restraints applied to it can. The loss of phase detection focusing is a shame and the 1.6x crop is a pain.

With a high-quality 24Mp sensor, the Canon M50 is suitable for more than just vlogging, it can deliver superb stills as well. And although I’m not a fan of the white finish, it’s a good-looking little camera that feels nice in your hand and is easy to use. 

The EOS M50 is a couple years old now, but it was the first mirrorless camera where it feels like Canon finally worked out what people want from a mirrorless model.

There are other cameras out there now that offer better 4K bona fides, but if 4K resolution isn’t a necessity, there aren’t many better options out there in terms of cameras offering this many high-end specifications at such a low street price.

Best Canon EOS M50 Deals

Below are some of the best Canon EOS M50 deals being offered today from a wide range of retailers.


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