News |Benro launch the RedDog R1 gimbal

Benro launch the RedDog R1 gimbal

Benro RedDog R1 gimbal

The camera market has evolved with the impact of video on the design of cameras boosting the development of new and innovative accessories. Benro has just announced that it has entered the electronic gimbal stabilisation market with the Reddog R1.

This style of single-handed gimbal stabilisers has become increasingly popular with filmmakers and bloggers. A gimbal stabiliser enables the capture of smooth stabilised footage that wouldn’t otherwise be possible for small productions and individuals.

The RedDog R1 is the first release in what looks to be a new line and features a 3-axis electronic gimbal with a unique swivel handle design. This enables you to film from different angles with ease, be that upright or in the carrying position.

Hardware is just the start of this new release with built-in controls as well as a fully featured app.

Benro RedDog R1 gimbal

As we’re now all on the move the RedDog R1 has been designed compact, so you can take it anywhere and it will support a camera and lens up to 1.8kg making it ideal for the latest mirrorless cameras.

Integration is a crucial feature for any piece of hardware released today and Benro have ensured that you will have control over your camera. There’s already support for Panasonic and Sony cameras with shutter control and video on and off.

An exciting feature is the ability to utilise power zoom lens from either Sony or Panasonic; we’ll let you know how well this works once we take a look at a review sample.

RedDog R1’s design looks sleek with a rubberised grip and those two shooting angles which could give it the edge over the popular DJI Ronin-S.

Benro RedDog R1 gimbal

Key features of the RedDog R1

  • Swivel Handle – the unique swivel handle is designed for different filming angles and is compact for travel
  • Long Battery Life – the R1 will last for 12 hours on a single charge
  • Smartphone App – calibrate the R1, remotely control the gimbal and upgrade firmware – all via the Benro RedDog App
  • Three Shooting Modes – the R1 has three modes: Locked-Down Mode, Horizontal Follow Mode and Universal Follow Mode. Each mode allows users to control how the gimbal functions for different shooting scenarios
  • Quick Storage Case – the included carrying case allows users to retain the individual axis positions which will save a lot of setup time at the next location

RedDog Specifications

  • Material – precision engineered aluminium
  • Weight 879g (without batteries)
  • Weight Capacity 1.8kg
  • Operating modes – Universal Follow/Locked Down/Horizontal Follow
  • Charging time – 3 hours
  • Working time – 12 hours
  • Price – UK SRP £350 (inc VAT)
Benro launch the RedDog R1 gimbal
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Benro launch the RedDog R1 gimbal
Single-handed gimbal stabilisers are a powerful filmmaking tool, now the Benro RedDog R1 gimbal brings you silky smooth footage with style and a great price.
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