News |Benro announces 3 new 3-way tripod heads

Benro announces 3 new 3-way tripod heads


Benro has just announced the release of three new 3-way tripod heads. The new HD range follows the success of the original HD series with a few key updates.

All three new heads are fully compatible with Arca-Swiss quick release plates; a common standard amongst heads and supports. That’s not all, each new model features tweaks and improvements which make them a significant update from the previous generation.

Despite the improvements, all three heads will retain the same pricing as the old HD series.

The three new heads are the HD1A, HD2A and HD3A

Benro HD1A 3-way head

The smallest of the three is the HD1A which will support a maximum load of 5kg. The big new feature is, of course, the new Arca-Swiss compatibility which means that you can swap between different tripod systems with ease as long as they feature the Arca-Swiss quick release plate.

Tripods are designed to enable you to get a level base for your shots, and another new feature that will appear across the range is the inclusion of 3 bubble levels.

As the smallest in the range, the HD1A has a height of 95mm, weighs in at 0.57kg and will set you back £72.

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Benro HD2A 3-way head

The middle weight head is the HD2A which will support 8kg.

As with the HD1A this new head features an Arca-Swiss style plate and bubble levels.

It also has reference scales so that image settings can easily be replicated.

The HD2A measures 120mm in height, weighs 0.76kg and will cost £95

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Benro HD3A 3-way head

Finally, the largest of the three heads is the HD3A which will take a 10kg maximum load.

Again this head features the Area-Swiss style compatibility, bubble levels and reference markings.

As the largest of the three, it measures 135mm in height, weighs 0.91kg and will retail for £115.

All three heads are available now. For more information please check out


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