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AKASO V50 Pro The Endless Summer Version

AKASO Endless Summer Version

It’s 55 years since Bruce Brown’s legendary Surf movie the Endless summer. and if you haven’t seen it then it’s well worth a watch. The basic premise is a bunch of surfers travelling around the world in search of surf.

The surf angle, of course, makes that film a perfect fit for today’s action camera market, so it’s no wonder that AKASO has created a movie tie in version of their popular V50 Pro.

The AKASO V50 Pro Endless summer edition has a few design tweaks over previous versions of the V50 Pro, but still features 4K at 30fps, 20MP photo’s, EIS and a huge touch screen on the rear.

The camera has a good range of options with resolutions including being able to shoot 720p at 120fps, ideal for shooting impressive slow motion footage.

Along with the camera in the box are a range or accessories including a waterproof housing and serval mounts ready for you to attach the camera to your surf board.

The AKASO V50 Pro Endless summer addition will be available soon for $139. For more information check out


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Casandra Diane Williams
Casandra Diane Williams
1 year ago

“tweeks” tell ppl NOTHING, this is all info found on the company site, this is not informative at all, it’s a waste of time “article”.

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