News |Adobe updates Lightroom CC and Classic with new tools

Adobe updates Lightroom CC and Classic with new tools

Adobe updates Lightroom CC and Classic with new tools

Adobe has announced a range of new tools for its Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC and Adobe Camera Raw applications, including more AI functionality.

In the Lightroom revamp Adobe has updated its Sensei artificial intelligence platform to make more advanced automatic adjustments to your images. Now, when using Lightroom’s Auto Settings, Adobe Sensei will compare your image to tens of thousands of professionally edited photos to make enhancements it thinks you want.

As well as these new Auto Settings, Adobe says it has also refined its Colour Range Masking tool in Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw to make it easier to remove individual sample points. Other new functionality includes…

Tone Curve

Adobe has also introduced new tools, such as the Tone Curve, which promises more advanced control over tonality, contrast and colour balance.

You can use either the Parametric Curve or the Point Curve modes to tune the tonality and contrast of the image, and the Red, Green, and Blue modes to adjust the colour balance.

Split Toning

A new Split Toning tool lets photographers add colour tints to the highlights and shadows of an image, with options ranging from traditional black and white tints toners toners like sepia or selenium.

Change the capture time

Lightroom CC also now enables you to adjust the capture time, for both single photos as well as a batch, by using the pencil icon in the Info panel.

Adobe has also tweaked its Lightroom apps for Android and iOS. Visit Adobe’s blog for more details.

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