Adobe Cloak is like Content Aware for video

Adobe Cloak is like Content Aware for video

Adobe’s research team is working on a project called Cloak that would let users delete objects from videos.

Cloak will work much like Content Aware for Photoshop, Adobe says, allowing you to select and delete objects you don’t want, only in moving images.

However, as Adobe tells engadget, in some ways video makes this easier than traditional still images: “The saving grace is that we can see behind the thing we want to remove… If you’ve got a microphone to remove, you can see behind the microphone.”

Advancements in motion-tracking technology have also helped Adobe develop functionality such as Cloak.

However, getting consistency from frame to frame has posed the biggest challenge.

Adobe says the technology is still being developed, and reiterates that the software giant has now plans to implement it.

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