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Adobe adds new suite of AI editing tools to Lightroom

Adobe adds new suite of AI editing tools to Lightroom

Adobe has update its Lightroom apps (Adobe Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom Mobile and Web) with new AI editing tools that are aimed at making photo editing simpler, quicker and more intuitive.

New to Lightroom are Denoise and Curves in masking tools, along with expanded Adaptive Presets and Masking categories for Select People.

The new AI-powered Denoise tool allows you to remove digital noise from your images while preserving the fine details. This one-click tool is currently available for raw files only, but Adobe says it will support additional file types soon.

Curves in masking allows users to make more precise edits in specific parts of an image. You can select a specific area of a scene and make localised adjustments to contrast, tone or colour without impacting the overall exposure.

Last year, Adobe introduced its Select People functionality that made it easier to edit and retouch portraits. With the additional AI Mask categories for Select People you can now make more precise adjustments to clothing and facial hair. For instance, you can select a subject’s shirt and quickly change its colour or select a man’s beard and make it darker.

Adaptive Presets also debuted last year, and now Adobe is adding Polished Portrait, Darken Beard and Enhance Clothing to its roster. The former lets you smooth over skin in portraiture, adjust lighting or even refine someone’s facial features. These join the existing Presets of Enhance, Glamour, Whiten Teeth and Texturize Hair.

Also launched today is the ability to make your videos black and white in Lightroom and AI Masking for Select Subject, Sky and Background.


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