News |Zhiyun SMOOTH-X offers mobile video stabalisation

Zhiyun SMOOTH-X offers mobile video stabalisation


You may think that your smartphone video footage is exceptional but put it alongside any professional video, and the difference is instantly apparent.

Shake and wobble in your video footage is hard to avoid unless you pop your phone onto a tripod. But, then why would you want to do that, video is all about movement and engaging your viewer not sitting around being static.

That why the pro’s use gimbal, devices that enable you to mechanically stabilise the camera so that the footage you see is steady and not wobbling all over the place.

The new Zhiyun SMOOTH-X is an all-new foldable smartphone gimbal that will quickly enable you to transform the quality of your smartphone shot video.

Simply pop in your smartphone and you’ll instantly see the benefits to the quality of the footage.

you don’t just get stabilisation, as standard you also get the fully-featured ZY Cami app. This enables you to extend the functionality of both the gimbal and your smartphone.

Designed to be taken with you

You carry your smartphone around with you, and the Zhiyun SMOOTH-X has been designed foldable and compact, at just 246g, so it too can easily be popped into a bag or pocket until needed.

The Zhiyun SMOOTH-X has several innovative features including a built-in aluminium telescopic rod that will enable you to reach above the crowds, or at least it will once we can all get back to crowd situations.

Many smartphone gimbals are inherently dumb, operating separately from the smartphone itself. Here the Zhiyun SMOOTH-X links in with the mobile device and gives you access to the physical buttons on the grip that will enable you to start and stop recording amongst other functions.

Intelligent Shooting 

Through the app, you can extend the intelligence of your smartphone. One example is the intelligent gesture control, make a V gesture or wave, and the app will start the phone recording.

Other smart features include slow motion, timelapse and panorama.

Added editing features

While it can be easy to shoot great video with the latest smartphones, it can be trickier to edit the footage into the masterpiece you imagined.

Here again, ZHIYUN’s ZY Cami app lends a helping hand enabling you to edit quickly, add looks, effects and music before outputting to your chosen destination.

Pricing and availability

Zhiyun SMOOTH-X will be available for purchase by the end of May at ZHIYUN Official Store at US$59.99.

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