News |Zeniko Introduces Inflatable Tube Light OT40Bi and OT80Bis

Zeniko Introduces Inflatable Tube Light OT40Bi and OT80Bi

Portable and adjustable lighting with air pump inflation and high CRI LED

Zeniko Inflatable Tube Light

Zeniko has announced its latest innovation in lighting solutions, the Inflatable Tube Light models OT40Bi and OT80Bi. These versatile and portable lights are designed to meet diverse lighting needs for professionals in various fields, including photography, videography, and event planning.

The OT40Bi and OT80Bi models are multi-use inflatable tube lights that offer a unique combination of portability and high performance. Engineered with an air pump inflation design, these lights can be easily inflated for use and deflated for compact storage, making them highly convenient for on-the-go lighting needs.

Some of the key features include adjustable brightness and colour temperature. Both models feature a 5-level bi-colour temperature adjustment, providing flexibility in different lighting environments. The OT40Bi offers 5W power, while the OT80Bi provides 10W, ensuring sufficient brightness for various applications.

High CRI for Accurate Color Rendering with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 96+, these lights deliver exceptional colour accuracy, making them ideal for professional photography and videography.

Lightweight and Portable Design the OT40Bi weighs just 129g and is 40 cm long, and the OT80Bi weighs 185g and is 80 cm long. This lightweight design, combined with the inflatable feature, enhances portability and ease of use.

Magnetic Back for Versatile Mounting the lights come with a magnetic back design, allowing for easy attachment to various surfaces. This feature adds to their versatility in different shooting scenarios.

Interchangeable Components the OT40Bi and OT80Bi models include interchangeable flat feet and spikes, catering to different ground surfaces. Additionally, ground and mid-level spreaders are provided for added stability.

User-Friendly Operation the lights are equipped with a touch-and-go quick-release mount plate design, compatible with both DJI RS Series and Manfrotto quick-release plates. This compatibility allows for seamless transitions between different shooting setups.


  • OT40Bi: 5W power, 40cm length, 129g weight
  • OT80Bi: 10W power, 80cm length, 185g weight

Zeniko’s Inflatable Tube Lights are designed to provide efficient, high-quality lighting in a portable package, suitable for a wide range of professional applications.

The OT40Bi and OT80Bi are available now for purchase. For more information and to buy, visit Zeniko.

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