News |Yashica’s ‘unprecedented’ camera to be announced 10 October

Yashica’s ‘unprecedented’ camera to be announced 10 October

Yashica teases a comeback in new videos

Yashica will debut its new ‘unprecedented’ camera on Kickstarter on 10 October, the company has announced in yet another teaser video.

The short clip, only 8secs, shows the same young woman holding a camera in a busy city centre, then the words: 10 OCT 2000 JST Kickstarter.

Photo Rumors published some nice analysis from one of its readers explaining that this ‘unprecedented’ camera may have quietly made its debut in Yashica’s video series.

The camera in the first batch of videos is identifiable as a Yashica Electro 35 GSN. But the woman’s camera in subsequent videos is unidentifiable by experts.

We shall see next week…

Via Photo Rumors

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