News |Yashica updates digiFilm camera Kickstarter page with Y35 demo videos amid criticism

Yashica updates digiFilm camera Kickstarter page with Y35 demo videos amid criticism

Yashica’s digiFilm Camera has raised nearly $1m in two days

Yashica has updated the campaign page on Kickstarter for its Y35 digiFilm camera amid some criticism from commenters that the company isn’t being honest about the camera’s specifications.

Yashica has uploaded four videos of its team taking pictures with the Y35 digiFilm camera and then downloading images onto their computer. Yashica has also posted the images their team is shown taking in the videos.

The move was in response to a number of comments both on the Kickstarter campaign page and elsewhere online questioning the validity of what Yashica says the Y35 digiFilm camera can do.

Some people have commented questioning the validity of the campaign when it says the project location is Tokyo, but Yashica is owned by by a company in Hong Kong. Others have asked questions about the camera specs, while others have wondered whether the Y35 can actually do what’s advertised.

In addition to the videos, Yashica has responded by saying:

We have just uploaded 4 videos of our team taking pictures with the Y35 working prototype and those sample pictures taken from it. Please rest assured we do have a prototype that is working!

For the last couple of days, the whole YASHICA team has been spending all extra effort during the weekends to make sure we work out the best solution in delivering our first stretch goal: F2. As well as exploring the possibility of adding a larger sensor or metal body which most backers are excited about. This may result in oversight and delayed in responding your comments, we are really sorry about this and will commit being as responsive as we can in the future, but we kindly ask for your patience if sometime we can’t answer your question immediately.

We would like to sincerely thank you for the KS community’s contribution to the Y35 project, we would never come this far without your support and we appreciate every single comment that will help us shape this project better and better. As some backers pointed out some concerns on the actual camera’s specifications, we immediately reported this issue to our engineering team. All of your feedback is invaluable to us and we are listening to it carefully, please keep motivating us for improving.

It is you the KS community made our dream come true, thank you! We are glad that we are on this journey together! Let’s create a perfect YASHICA camera that all YASHICA’s fans have been longed for!

Frankly, we are still overwhelmed with your tremendous support and enthusiasm on the idea of YASHICA Unprecedented comeback. We have been dedicated to the brand, bringing our Y35 and innovative digiFilm system to the market is just the beginning of writing a new page for the YASHICA story.

Yashica has now – easily – met its fundraising target, raising more than $1 million in two days.

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