News |Yashica – I’m Back with new mini mirrorless cameras

Yashica – I’m Back with new mini mirrorless camera

Compact, versatile micro mirrorless camera with professional capabilities

Micro Mirrorless Yashica

Yashica has introduced the “I’m Back” micro mirrorless camera, a groundbreaking device that combines 75 years of photographic heritage with modern technological advancements. Developed in collaboration with the innovative company I’m Back, this camera aims to redefine on-the-go photography by offering professional-quality images in a compact, user-friendly package.

The Yashica – I’m Back camera is designed for a wide range of users, from vloggers and content creators to photography enthusiasts and travellers. It features a high-quality sensor and allows for interchangeable lenses, including wide, standard, and telephoto options, catering to various photographic needs and styles. Additionally, the camera supports macro photography, promising future enhancements in this area.

Key features of the Micro Mirrorless Yashica include external microphone input, foldable display, built-in HDMI output, USB Type-C input, and Wi-Fi connectivity, which streamline the process of capturing, transferring, and sharing content. The camera’s design emphasizes portability and ease of use, allowing users to carry less while achieving high-quality photographic results.

The Yashica – I’m Back camera is not just about taking photos; it’s designed to be a versatile tool for content creation, with capabilities extending to high-quality video recording and live broadcasting. Its compatibility with larger-format camera lenses through adapters further enhances its versatility, making it a comprehensive tool for creative expression.

The Micro Mirrorless Yashica is offered in various kits, including options with different lenses and accessories, tailored to meet users’ specific needs and budgets. Early bird pricing and additional details about the camera’s specifications and availability can be found through its promotional campaign.

Discover more on the Yashica – I’,m back Kickstarter page

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