Yashica DigiFilm Camera Y35 seeks more funding on Indiegogo

Yashica Y35 digiFilm camera debuts on Kickstarter

Yashica has started another crowdfunding campaign for its ‘unprecedented’ Y35 DigiFilm Camera.

The company’s second crowdfunding campaign comes just a couple months after Yashica raised more than a million dollars for the Y35 on Kickstarter.

Yashica is offering the same early bird deals as its previous campaign, giving backers the DigiFilm camera plus one of its DigiFilm cassettes and a post card at prices starting from $133.

Yashica has also added an option for a brown leather Y35, along with a leather hand strap and the full set of DigiFilm for $328.

Yashica is now quoting May 2018 for all deliveries in its new campaign.

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