News |Yashica to debut ‘unprecedented’ camera on Kickstarter in October

Yashica to debut ‘unprecedented’ camera on Kickstarter in October

Yashica teases a comeback in new videos

Yashica has said it will launch a new ‘unprecedented’ camera on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter beginning in October.

In another new teaser video called ‘Expect the Unexpected’, Yashica is again suitably vague.

The video, above, follows the same young woman through the city, jumping from black and white to colour. An overlay tells us to ‘Expect the Unexpected’ and an ‘Unprecedented camera from Yashica’.

It then tells us ‘October 17, Kickstarter.’

The new teaser follows a series of videos released the other week that hinted at the Japanese brand’s comeback.

Via Photo Rumors

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