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What is a JOBY

Smartphone and camera accessory manufacturer JOBY has announced their latest campaign aimed at enticing Generation Z into unleashing their creativity. 

“What is a JOBY” will focus on creativity and aims to show the fun side of creating content, using JOBY kit of course. 

To support the new campaign, JOBY will be showcasing their product range as well as launching a new windjammer that will help make capturing audio whilst out and about that much easier. 

So, what is the challenge? The idea behind the campaign is to get creators to film and produce a video to define exactly what JOBY is using their creativity and intuition. 

JOBY is sending out a variety of products to their existing ambassadors to get the show started. They are creating the first set of content, and other JOBY owners can join in with their creations. 

To give you some inspiration from the last campaign #thesongofus UK singing duo and identical twins Max&Harvey who have been described by Simon Cowell as ‘the next Ant and Dec’, created their What is a JOBY challenge using some of their props.

As part of the “What is a JOBY” campaign many ambassadors will be using the soon to be released special edition of the Wavo Windjammer. 

The new windjammer is available in two colours Polar or Savage and will bring some colour to Vlogging setups. 

JOBY products are widely available from most photography outlets. To find out more pop along to


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