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WANDRD X1 Crossbody Bag: Ultimate Companion for Urban Explorers

Compact, stylish, and weather-resistant for everyday use

Wandrd X1

WANDRD’s X1 Crossbody Bag is an everyday cross-body bag, available in three sizes. While not specifically aimed at photographers and videographers, that style and design lend their use to anyone capturing images and looking for a compact everyday bag to carry equipment. The medium and larger sizes are particularly suited for storing essential gear like filters, adapters, memory cards, and even an iPad Mini, making them a great solution for outdoor shoots where you just want a small bag with a few essentials alongside your camera. All three-sized bags feature water-resistant materials that provide reliable protection against the frequent rain and drizzle characteristic of the British climate, all helping to ensure that your gear remains dry and safe.

The X1 Crossbody Bag’s design is focused on the everyday, but WANDRD has a long history of creating some great photographic bags, including the WANDRD Fernweh, Prvke 31 and Provoke 21. Again, this selection of compact bags seems to suit the use of creative professionals.

Inside each bag, the space is divided into compartments that have been laid out to facilitate quick access and organization of equipment, such as filters, enabling quick and easy access. The bag’s materials are also designed with durability and weatherproofing in mind, again making them an excellent choice for varied weather conditions.

Comfort and functionality are paramount in the X1 Crossbody Bag’s design. Adjustable straps and a lightweight build ensure ease of carry, allowing for prolonged use without discomfort, which is essential for photographers and videographers on the move. The bag’s sleek aesthetic does not compromise its capacity to safeguard valuable equipment from the elements, blending seamlessly with the professional’s toolkit.

The WANDRD X1 Crossbody Bag is a great choice for photographers and videographers looking for a functional yet stylish bag to keep small equipment safe.

For further details, visit the WANDRD website.

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