News |WANDRD launches new camera-focused travel gear lines

WANDRD launches new camera-focused travel gear line

Innovative backpacks, roller, tote, and wallet designed for photographers

Wandrd Travel

WANDRD, renowned for its photography-centric travel gear, has introduced four new products tailored to photographers’ needs: the Transit Travel Backpack, Transit Carry-On Roller, WANDRD Tote Backpack, and the Travel Wallet. Each product combines style, functionality, and durability, specifically designed for photographers on the move.

The Transit Travel Backpack, priced at $299.00 (approximately £243), is a photographer’s dream. It offers a customizable interior to house camera equipment alongside personal items safely. Its robust build ensures gear protection in various travel conditions.

For photographers preferring a rolling option, the Transit Carry-On Roller, available at $379.00 (around £309), provides smooth mobility and efficient organization of photography gear and personal belongings. Its design focuses on ease of access and security for sensitive equipment.

The WANDRD Tote Backpack, priced at $129.00 (about £105), serves as a versatile choice for photographers needing a lightweight yet functional bag for shorter trips or as a secondary gear bag. Its hybrid design allows for easy conversion between a tote and a backpack, suiting various shooting scenarios.

The Travel Wallet, costing $74.00 (approximately £60), is essential for the travelling photographer. Designed to keep travel documents, memory cards, and small accessories secure, it features RFID protection and a discreet AirTag pocket for added security.

These new offerings from WANDRD highlight the company’s commitment to supporting photographers with innovative solutions that cater to their unique needs while travelling. Available now on WANDRD’s website, these products are poised to become a staple in any photographer’s travel kit.

Prices in £ are approximations based on current exchange rates and may vary.

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