News |Vimeo adds 360 video support in up to 8K resolutions

Vimeo adds 360 video support in up to 8K resolution


The video streaming platform Vimeo has added support for 360-degree videos in up to 8K resolution with customisable settings.

The platform update is aimed at videographers and offers users the option to sell videos or channel subscriptions for their 360 videos.

Videos can be uploaded directly from Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas, and an updated mobile app lets users save videos to watch at a later time without an internet connection.

New customisable options of users’ 360 videos include the option to change the default view or the direction in which viewers start when the video begins.

Other options allow you to return to the originally intended angle of view during viewing.

What’s more, Vimeo has launched a new 360 Video School to help users master the technique of filming in a 360-degree video format.

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