News |Videndum Media Solutions announces distribution partnership with AQUATECHs

Videndum Media Solutions announces distribution partnership with AQUATECH

Premium underwater housings now available across Europe


Videndum Media Solutions, known for its wide range of imaging and audio-capturing devices, has partnered with underwater housings manufacturer AQUATECH. This AQUATECH Videndum partnership is set to boost the availability and accessibility of high-quality underwater photography equipment throughout Europe. As of now, April 2024, ocean photographers in the EMEA region can purchase AQUATECH products via the Manfrotto website and through Videndum Media Solutions’ distribution network.

For over two decades, AQUATECH has been a pioneer in designing robust, waterproof housings and accessories, helping to ensure the protection and performance of expensive camera equipment under extreme conditions. This partnership marks a significant expansion following the successful collaboration in 2023, which saw the introduction of the JOBY SeaPal—a premium, waterproof smartphone case.

The merging of Videndum Media Solutions and AQUATECH brings together two trusted businesses in the photography and videography sectors 

“Their expertise in underwater imaging technology perfectly complements our range of media supports and accessories, adding an exciting new dimension to content creation,” 

Chris Carr, CMO and EVP of Sales at Videndum Media Solutions.

“The partnership with VMS marks a pivotal moment for us as we expand across the EMEA region. Their robust distribution network provides a strategic avenue for growth, allowing us to strengthen our presence alongside industry leaders.”

Alan Love, Founder and CEO of AQUATECH

AQUATECH’s comprehensive range of camera housings, lens ports, and accessories is now readily available for professionals and enthusiasts involved in various fields such as surfing, sailing, documentary filmmaking, ocean seascape art, fashion photography, Olympic water sports, wildlife photography, and outdoor sports.

For more information on AQUATECH products and to view their new dedicated section, visit the Manfrotto website at or consult VMS-authorized distributors and partners across the EMEA region.

For more information check out the Manfrotto website

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