News |Vanguard reveals VEO 2S monopod

Vanguard reveals VEO 2S monopod

Two new monopods with compact tri feet


Vanguard has announced the arrival of the VEO 2S monopod. Available in two versions, carbon or aluminium, the new monopod features quick action twist leg locks and a tri-foot for extra stability. 

The tri-foot design has become popular with photographers and videographers alike, offering a lightweight alternative to the tripod but with more stability than a monopod. 

The tri base can be locked or released, giving the photographer plenty of flexibility over the amount of support they require, making it ideal for sports and wildlife.

Vanguard has designed the monopod with DSLR and Mirrorless users in mind and has ensured a balance between the weight of the monopod and load capacity. 


The first of the two models is the 23mm aluminium monopod. This features a VEO 2 BP-50 Ball/Pan Head. 

At 60cm folded and weighing in at 1.2kg, it has been designed to be taken anywhere and offers a maximum height of 165cm 5kg maximum load capacity. 

The VEO 2S AM-234TBP has a suggested retail price of £99.99


Featuring wider 26mm carbon fibre tubes and a VEO 2 BP-

120 Ball/Pan Head the second model is a step up. 

Again the BP-120 like the BP-50 converts to a pan-head with a telescopic handle that extends when needed. 

Designed to be compact, it measures 62cm when folded and weighs in at 1.3kg with a max height of 172cm and max load of 6kg.

 The VEO 2S CM-264TBP will have a suggested retail price of £149.99.

Both VEO 2S monopods will feature an Arca compatible ball head that converts to a pan head. 

For more information on the new VEO2S check out


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