News |Vanguard announces the window mount Veo 2 BH-50WM

Vanguard announces the window mount Veo 2 BH-50WM

Vanguard Veo 2 BH-50WB

A few years ago, a couple of colleagues joked about writing a feature on how to photograph beauty spots from the comfort of their cars. 

I forget the details through the laughter, but at the heart of what seemed like a slightly crazy idea was something. Or at least if it wasn’t something, it became a favourite topic after a few beers. 

Fast forward more years than I wish to remember, and it looks like someone at Vanguard has had a similar idea, although probably not after the same amount of beer. 

The new Vanguard Veo 2 BH-50WM is essentially the BH-50 head attached to a bespoke window mount for your car. 

Wind down the window, attach the mount, clip on your camera, and you’re ready to go. 

It’s a great idea, I’m sure we’ve all had occasions where this mount would have been handy. I usually have a camera with me but rarely a tripod, so that this small device would be ideal, and something that I would happily leave in the car stashed under the seat. 

The Veo 2 BP-50WM is made up of two parts, the clamp and the head. The clamp offers a large surface area with rubber faces that enables it to safely clamp to a wound down car window without marking or causing damage. 

The clamp itself opens to 1.25-inches or 31cm, so there’s plenty of scopes for it to attach to a wide variety of flat objects.

The VEO 2 BH-50 ball head features a removable telescopic panhandle and can be manipulated in portrait as well as landscape orientation. 

As standard, the head features a long Arca Swiss compatible (QS-71) quick release plate.

Around the pan axis, there are 360º markings and a separate pan lock. The ball head also offers friction control, and ergonomic knobs are used with an easy purchase in all weather conditions. 

The maximum load is 11lbs or 5kg, although it’s probably best not to hang that amount of weight off the car window.

The Veo 2 BH-50WB is available now for £79.99 for more details check out


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