News |Vanguard announce two new photographic clamps

Vanguard announce two new photographic clamps

Vanguard VEO CP-46 and Vanguard VEO CP-65 mount where other camera supports won't

Vanguard VEO CP-65

Today Vanguard has announced the release of two new photographic clamps, the VEO CP-46 and VEO CP-65. These clamps have been designed to give you maximum flexibility when it comes to mounting options for both cameras and accessories.

Each new clamp can be coupled with a support arm (magic arm) such as the VEO TSA DLX. Once the clamp is attached to a surface, such as a table, and the support arm is in place, a camera or accessory can be attached using either the 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch thread. These threads are positioned at the end of the clamp to ensure maximum accessibility when attaching the Vanguard VEO CP-46, with the threaded holes featuring bayonet slots to stop the arm from rotating once in place.

Vanguard VEO CP-46

The smaller VEO CP-46 weighs in at just 120g yet can hold up to 1.5kg. This weight is more than enough for a mirrorless camera with a fixed prime. The larger VEO CP-65 weighs in at 160g and has a maximum payload of 2.5kg, which again can hold a mirrorless or DSLR with a standard zoom.

Ensuring that the grip from the clamps is sufficient to hold to almost any surface, a textured rubber pad covers the contact areas of the clamp. This rubber both ensures an excellent grip on the object and helps protect the surface from damage.

The pads can swing through 180º to ensure that they make the best contact possible on flat tables or more tricky surfaces such as poles or even railings.

Both the Vanguard VEO CP-46 and Vanguard VEO CP-65 are available now from Vanguard World, you can check out these and the rest of the Vanguard VEO support range at the links below:

Vanguard VEO CP-46

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