News |Vanguard Alta Sky 68 camera backpack announced

Vanguard Alta Sky 68 camera backpack announced

Designed to carry lenses that other camera backpack struggle to facilitate

Vanguard Alta Sky 68

Vanguard has just announced the release of the company’s latest addition to the Alta Sky range. Thes backpacks are renowned as an ideal suit for professional photographers looking for a hardwearing pack to carry their kit safely.

The all-new Alta Sky 68 is an evolution of the popular Alta Sky 66, which was designed to carry super-telephoto lenses up to 600mm f/4 and some shorter 800mm f/5.6 when attached to a DSLR mirrorless body.

However, some larger 800mm, when attached to a professional DSLR or Mirrorless bodies, are still a tight squeeze, if they fit at all. The Alta Sky 68 has arrived to solve the issue; it is designed for those photographers who want to carry a pro-level body with 800mm attached, ready to capture the shot.

The new bag doesn’t just enable you to carry the camera ready to go. It also enables you to gain quick access when you need it. Top access enables you to withdraw the camera as the actions is happening. If you need to swap lenses, these can be stored in the lower front section.

Alongside the internal storage, the outside of the bag has been designed to enable maximum carrying potential. Two full-sized tripods can be securely strapped in place, one on the back and the other on the side.

This is a true multiday pack. The Alta Sky 68 can also carry a 16-inch laptop or an 11-inch tablet, so you can check the images you’ve taken in high resolution out in the field.

As this bag is designed to be taken anywhere, Vanguard has invested in robust high-end materials. The Alta Sky features rip-stop, water-resistant outer material, and there’s is, of course, a rain cover included as standard. The Alta Sky harness system is on the back, and as with previous releases, the shoulder and waist straps offer plenty of padding.

Key specifications:

Litres: 36
External Dimensions: 360 × 230 × 595mm
Internal Dimensions: 340 x 175 x 580mm
Weight: 2.8kg
Camera Kit: Pro DSLR with lens up to 600 f4 (some 800mm f5.6) attached, and up to 7 additional lenses
Tripod Holder: Up to 2 (rear and side)
Laptop: Up to 16-inch (and an 11-inch tablet): Yes
Rain Cover: yes

Check out the Alta Sky 68 at Vanguard World.


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