News |UN wants to create global drone registry

UN wants to create global drone registry

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The United Nations wants to create a global drone registry that aims to codify the details all users in a single database, Reuters reports.

The UN International Civil Aviation Organization put forward the idea and will lead a forum next week to discuss options.

The global drone registry would in practice be accessible to government and law enforcement officials around the world who seek information about drone pilots.

The single UN registry would allow law enforcement to remotely identify and track unmanned aircraft, along with their operator and owner.

As Reuters reports, the UN would also need to establish standardised rules for drone use in order for the database to succeed in its task.

While such a scheme might seem anathema to drone users reluctant to give away their personal details, it could have appeal to drone manufacturers, which may embrace a set of common operating standards.

Currently most drone manufacturers struggle to keep in adherence with the many different regulations for drone use worldwide.

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